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The "Nuntius", Fillmore High School 1923

The “NUNTIUS”, which is the Fillmore High School 1923 Yearbook, was loaned to us before the auction for Wilma Oliver and Son, Lance Oliver by Mrs. Oliver’s son, Shawn Oliver. We feel that the pages included here on the website might be of interest to those with parents or grandparents in the “NUNTIUS” and also for all to see the difference in both the school life and times in general from today.

There are several excerpts from the Yearbook: Activities, Class History, Seniors, Underclassmen, Building, and Advertising. Please click on any of the links below to see the excerpts from the Yearbook.

We want to thank Shawn Oliver for lending us the yearbook in order to include it on our website! We would be interested in hearing any comments anyone might have about it.

Activities Class History Seniors
Underclassmen Building Advertising