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The following article was written by Martie Shores Schuman. This is how she remembers growing up in Fillmore. What do you remember? Email her at and let her know. Maybe your thoughts about growing up in Fillmore will be put on the site.

Growing up in Fillmore

I was born in Industrial City (north part of St. Joseph) in 1944 and my family moved back to Fillmore when I was about two years old. My parents, Herman Shores and Laurella Todd Shores, were both born and raised in the Fillmore area.

A storyteller I’m not, but I’d like to touch upon some of the fond memories of people and incidents that I have of the time growing up in Fillmore.

We always lived in the west end of town, which was probably the “poorer” part of town as my Dad always told me that the east end was “silk stocking street”.  The following are some of the neighbors I recall living there in the west end of town as years went by:

 Ida & Mort Downey,

    The Calverts,


    Lola & Emery Thorburn (She was a wonderful seamstress & Cake Baker & my oldest  daughter has married their grandson), the Thorburns son-in-law (Virgil Pryor) would come to visit them and holler two blocks down the street to call me “Double Ugly”. As you can imagine I really liked him.    

    Tilden Floyds,

        Henry Heckman Family,

        Jim Matlock (Bucket well in his yard),

        Earl & Ada Lambright (delicious cookies), their dog Bugsy,

        My Grandma & Grandpa Shores,

           Jim & Carole Rasnic,

        Faye & Marjories Elifrits,

        Doll Davison, Charlie Scheib,

        Claude & Annie Norton & daughters,

        Harry & Rosie Lilley (Cemetery Caretakers),

        Fred & Lula Bell Hurst(Great Fish Pond in their back yard),

        The Charlie Puetts,

        Gene & Esther Davis,

        Ivan & Charlene Ramsey,

        Shirley & Sherrill,

        Larry & Helen Todd,

        Charlie & Marg Jones & Family,

        Charlie & Mae White,

        Kenneth & Colene Lance,

Andrew Wilson (Older gentleman that Sherrill Ramsey & I tormented unmercifully) Sherrill and I played continuously and I’ll always remember some of our antics and how I loved playing with him. He broke my heart in the fifth grade when I thought he liked another girl in our class.

        Carl & Lola Hatcher,

        Frank & Ethel Shores,

        several different Baptist ministers,

        Dave Winfrey (married Joe & I),

        Grahams & Kirtleys.

All of the above were just a few that I recall living in our end of town.

I can just remember the fire in the early 50’s and also the town robbery later on. I believe that it was group called the Wilfongs that supposedly took part in the robbery. It was quite a deal at the time. They had hid their car in an old barn southwest of the main part of town and were chased through town on foot for a time. In 1971, another fire struck that destroyed Hanner’s Grocery, Ramsey Grocery, and all structures down to the Lumber Yard.

I can remember walking up town to get groceries at Hanner’s Grocery for my mother. An older gentleman, Dave Lance (I believe Bub Lance’s grandfather), sat on the bench and always tried to trip me with his cane. Hanner’s Grocery was a great place. Groceries on one side with Herb Hanner & Florence Ramsey and sandwiches and drinks on the other with Marg Jones waiting on people and her sister Bernice Hanner cooking. We, kids spent a lot of time sitting at the tables in the front of the store drinking cokes and talking. I think that the ladies in town did the same at times. Before the school had hot lunches you could walk to town at noon and eat there, Floyd’s restaurant, or Chandler’s.

The Post Office was in the old bank building on the S.W. Corner of the main intersection and Margeurite Shineman was Post Mistress with Corene Hanner and later Lib Proffit working for her. The Post Office was later moved to the present building and Gene Davis was Post Master. Mrs. Shineman lived in part of the Post Office Building and the walk-in safe from the bank days was fascinating to me. She was a friend of my Grandma Shores and I spent some time there with her. I found through the years that if I pulled any stunts around town that the word always got back to my Mother and I always thought that Mrs. Shineman was the one that carried the tale.

The local telephone operators in town that I remember were Polly Denny and then Cleytus Lemmon. I worked for Cleytus during the summer of my Junior-Senior Yr. as an operator when she needed a break. (25 cents per hr). You learned a lot being a phone operator in a small town!

There were a lot of different businesses through the years and here is some that I remember in my lifetime.

Garages & Service Station Operators-Dickie Shores (Shores Garage), Bill Herman, Orville Proffit, Bill McQuire, Delbert Ramsey, Herb Davis, Francis Hibbard, J.C. McClain, Gerald & Dwight Fields. There were usually three stations in business at one time.

Grocery Store Operators-Herb Hanner, Ray Ramsey, Roscoe Bowles (Locker Plant),Billy Hare, Herb Davis. At one time three of the grocery stores were operating.

Vic Hanner ran a feed store.

Gerald Shineman-Barber Shop.

Restaurants and Taverns-Nobe Hurst, George Robinette, Earl & Bonnie Sisk, Elmer & Mert Floyd, Noah Chandler, Bobbie Owsley, Katie & Gary Hughes, Pat & Wimpe Davis, Romona Edwards & Mike Edwards, Juanita & Larry Steeby.

My Dad, Herman Shores, ran an ice house in the thirties

Uncle Marvin had a TV Shop.

Hardware-N.H. Gregory, Bert Gillispie, Billy Hare, & Herb Davis.

Lumber Yard-Ezra Barker & later Herb Davis.

Fabric Shops-Edith Barker and Agnes Cole (Fabrics &Variety).

Junk Yard-Jesse Owsley,

Rug Maker-Gertie Owsley.

Numerous beauty operators through the years.

Fillmore was also blessed with four churches in town and another (Antioch) north of town. (Church of God, Methodist, Babtist, & Christian Church.) I grew up as a member and attending the Christian Church. Our Church was active and there were a lot of activities for the kids. I remember swimming trips, picnics & etc. every year. Francis Fothergil was superintendent of the Sunday School for as long as I can remember and there was various ministers. One that I remember distinctly was Charles Hagee. Sunday school teachers that I had were: Carol Holiday, Mae Hardin, Ethel Nease, and I know there were more. Families that I recall in the church: Jones, Neases, Duncans, Holidays, Robertsons, Martins, Whites, Stennings, Floyds & more. The Mothers of the Church worked hard to keep the interest of us kids. At this time the Fillmore Christian Church & Antioch Christian Church are the only ones open for worship.

I think people thought me to be an unfriendly kid, but I was so self-conscious that I’d walk around the block to avoid seeing someone that would try to talk to me and I’d have to think of something to answer in return. What happened to me? One older gentleman, which I won’t name at this time asked, “Why aren’t you pretty like your sister?” When I went home crying my Mother called him a few choice words and told me that the old “fart” was crazy.

 I  had a TV Guide Route at one time. The TV Guides were 15 cents each and I think they cost me 12 cents. (I really got rich from that!) We also cleaned the Church & Masonic Hall. I loved going up and ringing the Church bells at 9:30 and 10:00 on Sunday mornings. It was such a nice thing to hear in town every Sunday morning.

In my older grade school years, I spent a lot of time at the home of Myrtle & Elmer Floyd, where the Masonic Hall now stands, with Sharon & Danny. Mert was always in for some fun with us kids and every kid in town loved her! If the rest of us couldn’t think something up, we could depend on Danny. Jerry Ramsey spent a lot of time with us along with others that lived in town. My Mother & Mert poured water in his pants one day while dressing chickens because he kept tormenting them. We spent a lot of time doing most everything imaginable and some things that shouldn’t have been imagined.  What fun we had! Most of it was just good “clean” fun. We, kids spent time in the summer time going through the trash at Doersam’s dump and other people’s ditches to find scrap iron to sell to Jesse Owsley, the local scrap iron dealer. We really got rich from that! Mr. Owsley lived and operated his scrap iron business where Jerry Ramsey now lives.

            Does anyone know who took the handle off of the public well? There has been a lot of notoriety about the public well. It was also ran over one time. Maybe some people in the same family might know something about both incidents!

Do you remember these things or these people? Email us and let us know. We would like to hear from you. Email us at:

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